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A love letter, your favorite band’s cd, jars for your student son or a unique sculpture – we’ll pack anything! Only your imagination is a challenge to us.

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All4Pack is a young, dynamically expanding company, a bubble wrap envelopes manufacturer and a distributor of solutions for packing goods. In our offer you’ll find products, which will allow you to properly secure goods for transport or storage.


Our offer

We strive to make our packaging not only secure goods from damage but also look esthetically and attractively for buyers.


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Our offer

We strive to make our packaging not only secure goods from damage but also look esthetically and attractively for buyers. Since a man learns his entire life, we constantly work on gaining valuable experience in order to be able to prepare an offer suiting the needs of our clients well. We care about the quality of the offered products, modernizing the production line so that the final product is adjusted to requirements and needs of our clients. Your expectations surely have many shapes and sizes – just as our packaging. It means it’s time for All4Pack! If you’re looking for durable, resistant and esthetic packaging with increased standard, we welcome you to the land of bubble wrap where packaging is within reach. To our clients we guarantee convenient terms of cooperation, on-time deliveries and affordable prices. We invite individual and wholesale clients to work with us. We really know a lot about boxes, containers, envelopes and packaging support products, and our ambition is to know even more. We constantly broaden our knowledge and eagerly share it with clients. We offer professional advice – from the moment of placing an order, up until the delivery of a product to your doorstep. Our goal is to create packaging unrivaled in terms of quality, esthetics and price.

Bubble Wrap

The envelopes are made of durable paper. They have a bubble wrap interior made of recyclable polyethylene and also a strong and durable lock in a form of strong glue strip. They protect their contents from mechanical damage and moisture.



We offer a number of products supporting the process of packing. In our assortment you’ll find packing tape allowing you to properly secure a box. Sticky tape – brown and transparent. Polypropylene tape.


Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap secures products from damage and is shockproof. It is tear-resistant. It perfectly adjusts to any product. It is ideal for protecting ceramic products, bathroom and heating fixtures, glass, car parts and many others products prone to damage during transport. STRETCH WRAP We are also a distributor of manual and machine stretch wrap. Great adhesion is a guarantee of excellent protection and increased stability of wrapped goods. Thanks to its versatility the wrap significantly eliminates human and technical errors during packing, allowing you to achieve low costs and stable, high quality of goods packaging. Manual stretch wrap is intended for wrapping cargo put on pallets, packs and items of various weight and shape. It secures cargo from moisture, rain, dirt, theft and goods slipping from a pallet. Machine stretch wrap is used to wrap goods on pallets using automatic and semi-automatic machines. It has the same parameters as manual wrap.



We specialize in manufacturing cardboard packaging. Large-size collective boxes, die cut packages made of single-faced and solid cardboard, as well as non-standard packages – this is only a part of what we can offer. Collective packaging made of 3- or 5-layer cardboard with various basis weight and durability parameters. Die cut packages made of single-faced and solid cardboard. Depending on requirements, a packaging can be folded, glued or sewn. It is possible to make holes, perforations or add handles to a product. Non-standard packages adjusted to individual needs of a client. Made of various types of cardboard and basis weights.



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Marcin Wojciechowski: +48 796 700 796,
e-mail: marcin.wojciechowski@all4pack.pl


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